‘Bold and the Beautiful’: Kyra Green of ‘Love Island’ Talks Her Acting Debut

Kyra Green from Love Island guest stars on Bold and the Beautiful
Cliff Lipson/CBS

Sure, we’ve seen the first same-sex marriage proposal on Bachelor in Paradise with Kristian Haggerty asking Demi Burnett to marry her, but CBS’ Love Island brought bisexuality to the screen in its recent inaugural season with participant Kyra Green.

The reality star, who’s now dating her Love Island co-star Cashel Barnett, recently sat down with TV Insider to talk about her reality show experience, her upcoming appearances on The Bold and the Beautiful (the beauty is playing – what else – a model!) and whether or not she and Cash are up for additional doing CBS reality series.

Green’s not the only beauty new to the B&B screen. On Friday, September 20 and Monday, September 23, Marianna Vicente, wife of LA Dodger Enrique “Kike” Hernández, and Miss Universe Puerto Rico 2010, appears in scenes as a Forrester Creations model along with Green. Read on to get the scoop!

Kyra Green and Mariana Vicente with Thorsten Kaye and Katherine Kelly Lang on Bold and the Beautiful (Cliff Lipson/CBS)

How did you doing Love Island come about?

Kyra Green: My sister was scouted for the show and I was a huge fan of the UK version of Love Island so, I tagged along with her for the interviews. One time, I said, ‘I want to do the show, too!’ I ended up getting booked. My sister and I both made it to the last round and she was really happy for me when I got it. I was obsessed with the show.

The Love Island US Season 1 cast (Timothy Kuratek/CBS)

What was your experience on the show compared to any preconceived notions you might have had?

I honestly felt like the show would be super-scripted, fake, and filled with drama. There was some drama, but for the most part everyone was super-loving and there were these amazing relationships. Love connections were created.

You and Cash have your own nickname now?

Yeah. People are calling us “Kyshel” now — a combination of our names.

When did you know you had that connection with Cashel?

I went onto the show being very open to finding someone. It was so weird. I was dropped in last and I had my choice of any guy [on the show]. The second I sat down with Cash it was all giggles, eye contact, and constant laughter. It was love at first sight for both of us, which really freaked us out. It’s so rare to both feel that at the same time. It actually wasn’t until a few nights ago that we told each other [our mutual attraction] was pretty immediate. He’s definitely the one to usually share something first. I’m different. He wears his heart on his sleeve. It took me some time to open up.

What did you get from being on the show?

The winning couple wins $100,000. You can chose to split it or give it to one of you. Some people had intentions of going in to play the game, but Cash and I didn’t. We actually weren’t even together on the show [at one point in the competition]. I ended up choosing a different guy halfway through. I’d gotten super-freaked out and pushed [Cash] away. That was such a huge dramatic part of the show. [Cash] flew back to Fiji for the end because I said I was miserable without him.

Cashel and Kyra on Love Island (Colin Young-Wolff/CBS)

So, you two are the real deal?

Yes, 100 percent. We’re taking our time and we’re together now 24/7.

You’ve been pretty open about also being attracted to women as well as men. What response have you gotten to that?

The [bisexual] community has really reached out to me. People have told me I’ve helped them. So many girls have reached out saying they can relate to me. I didn’t go on the show [necessarily to share this part of me] — it’s just who I am. It comes up in conversation. I’ve been getting so many amazing messages from girls, who are telling me that they’re happy I can be myself.

Were you familiar with B&B before this role came along?

My parents are huge fans of B&B. I’m more into music. I have a band called 212Green with my siblings. We just released a new song, “Throw That,” on various platforms. Our style started out as “hip-hop pop.” We started out old school, playing instruments and doing our moves on stage.


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If you haven’t checked out our new music video it’s now live on YouTube (212GreenMusic) THROW THAT streaming on all platforms✨

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Who are you playing on B&B?

I’m a model named Antonia. I haven’t done much in the acting world so I was a little nervous, but also super-excited. Everyone at the show has been so sweet to me. I told my parents I was doing a scene with Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) and Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) to my parents and they were so happy!

Hey, the fashion world always needs models. Are you open to turning this into a regular gig?

Oh, yeah! I would love that. I’ve always been obsessed with this industry and I’m creative. I love meeting other talented people. I’d love to be more a part of this for sure.

Kyra Green and Mariana Vicente with Thorsten Kaye and Katherine Kelly Lang (Cliff Lipson/CBS)

How would you and Cash feel about doing other reality shows, for example, The Amazing Race or Big Brother?

On our first day together after the show, he took me to a baseball game and he asked me if I wanted to do The Amazing Race with him. I was like, “You’re my freaking partner! Of course, I want to do that!” Our relationship on Love Island was rocky, but we made it through. We haven’t been asked yet, but if we are approached about The Amazing Race, we’d be on board 100 percent.

What about competing on Big Brother?

I might go crazy if we did that. On The Amazing Race, we’d have a united goal and we could be more honest with one another and everyone else. It scares me to think about the alliances we’d each have to have on Big Brother in order to win. It’d be great TV, but maybe not so great for our relationship!

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