NBC Unveils ‘The Good Place’ Digital Series Ahead of Season 4

The Good Place - Season 3
Colleen Hayes/NBC

Everything is fine because NBC has revealed a new digital companion series for hit comedy The Good Place.

The six-episode series, titled The Good Place Presents: The Selection, is considered a storytelling bridge between the third and upcoming fourth and final season that begins Thursday, September 26.

Featuring the the devilishly good Marc Evan Jackson as his demon character Shawn, the show sees him and his cohorts in the Bad Place deciding which deceased humans will be sent to Michael’s (Ted Danson) afterlife neighborhood. The effort will be made in order to sabotage Michael’s plans for a successful experiment.

The Selection expands the Good Place story while also being extremely bingeable. Episodes are available to download through the NBC App.

So make sure to catch the companion series ahead of the Season 4 premiere on September 26. Below, find the episode titles, and logline descriptions.

“The Selection, Part 1: The Mission”
Shawn and his demon cohorts plot to destroy Michael’s new neighborhood. Shawn gets the demons briefed on their mission.

“The Selection, Part 2: The Candidates”
Shawn’s demon ding-dongs pitch their human choices for Michael’s new neighborhood.

“The Selection, Part 3: The Takeout Order”
Shawn’s demon ash-holes try to decide what to eat. Maybe some sludge from the inside of shoes that you don’t wear socks with?

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“The Selection, Part 4: The Storm Out”
Tensions rise as the demons try to select the right “human fart bombs” for Michael’s new neighborhood. Glenn feels Shawn is being too mean.

“The Selection, Part 5: The Talk”
In a demon-to-demon chat with Glenn, Shawn is inspired to rethink the way he forks with Michael’s new neighborhood.

“The Selection, Part 6: The Solution”
When Shawn takes aim on a more personal attack on the humans, Glenn has some reservations.

The Good Place Presents: The Selection, Digital series, Available now, NBC App