‘American Ninja Warrior’ National Finals: 6 Best Stage 2 Runs (VIDEO)

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American Ninja Warriors National Finals continued with Stage 2 — and the competitors crushed the previous record of finishers.

The record had been eight in Season 7; 21 hit a buzzer and will be attempting Stage 3 in hopes of making it to Stage 4 and emerging as Season 11’s winner. Those ninjas had three minutes to take on Giant Walk the Plank, Extension Ladder, Snapback, Swing Surfer, Grim Sweeper, and Water Walls.

Check out the highlights below to see the best runs from Stage 2.

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From historic runs to memorable moves on the course, here are the moments we love to rewatch.

Nick Burkhalter Fought the Course — and Food Poisoning

Burkhalter was sick prior to running Stage 2, but he still managed to conquer the obstacles and hit the buzzer as the first finisher of the night. He had less than two seconds left on the clock.

Adam Rayl Made His Mother Proud

After falling on the Ladder in 2018 (and going out on Stage 2 three years in a row), Rayl made it past it — and with his nervous mother on the sidelines, did a cannonball into the pool for the Water Walls and hit the buzzer.

Joe Moravsky Added Another Stage 2 Buzzer

He’s made it to Stage 2 every year of his ninja career except 2018, and he saved the dismount on Grim Sweeper to make it to Water Walls and hit the buzzer. He has five Stage 2 buzzers, more than anyone else.

The Kid Didn’t Waste His Second Chance

Mathis Owhadi had a Safety Pass going into Stage 2, and he had to use it after falling on Grim Sweeper. His second time on the course was a bit different from what we’re used to seeing from him — namely, speeding through the obstacles — but despite struggling on Water Walls, he still hit the buzzer.

The Real Life Ninja’s Stage 2 Dominance Continued

Drew Drechsel went farther than anyone in 2018 (and earned $100,000 on Stage 3), and he detailed his training — including flipping his sleep schedule — for this season prior to his successful Stage 2 run. He even had a bit of fun entering the pool for Water Walls like a dolphin.

Stage 2 Couldn’t Slow Down Daniel Gil

Heading into Stage 2, the Kingdom Ninja had the fastest times in Oklahoma City’s qualifying and finals, and he smiled the entire way through to the buzzer. He not only moved through Grim Sweeper quicker than anyone else on the night, he also had the fastest time by just under two seconds.

American Ninja Warrior, Season 11 Finale, Monday, September 16, 8/7c, NBC