‘The Masked Singer’ Season 2 Disguises by the Numbers

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Who’s behind the mask? That’s the No. 1 question that comes to mind while watching this reality competition featuring disguised celebrities belting tunes onstage.

The second question is: What goes into making those elaborate getups? We asked The Masked Singer‘s Emmy-winning costume designer Marina Toybina to break it down for us.


Total number of costumes, including the sassy new Panda (above) featured in Season 2. “Everything is custom-made,” Toybina says, adding that each outfit starts out genderless because she doesn’t know until later who will wear it.


That’s how many beads and rhinestones Toybina estimates she used to create the “magical and theatrical” ensembles over two seasons. “Creatively, we have set the bar high.”

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Due to time constraints, the maximum number of fittings the designer gets with each celebrity to tailor the suit to his or her body. Most important are the masks, she says: “We need to make sure [wearers] can breathe and they can see!”

(Credit: Michael Becker/FOX)


“It’s not a big team,” Toybina notes of the folks who sew and otherwise assemble the costumes from the neck down. “We work very closely together.”


The number of backup costumes on hand. Unfortunately, “everything is a one-off,” Toybina confirms. In other words: Celebrity performers, be careful not to spill anything on them!

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