Netflix’s ‘The Ranch’ Will See Big Changes for the Bennetts in Part 7


The other shoe is dropping for Colt Bennett (Ashton Kutcher) as the family dramedy’s seventh chapter opens.

“He’s alone in a lot of ways,” previews executive producer Jim Patterson, noting how Colt’s lies about selling his herd and ill-advised plan to save the family ranch have alienated him from wife Abby (Elisha Cuthbert), dad Beau (Sam Elliott) and cousin Luke (Dax Shepard).

It’ll be those strained family ties — and last year’s offscreen death of brother Rooster (Danny Masterson) — that will lead Colt to do some soul-searching.

“This season is about him trying to figure out who he is and what kind of man he wants to be,” offers Patterson, adding that Colt won’t be the only Bennett making changes.

Now that Beau has asked girlfriend Joanne (Kathy Baker) to move in with him, the randy old man will focus on “transitioning to that next phase of his life and making the most of it.”

The Ranch, Part 7 Premiere, Friday, September 13, Netflix