Will Kyle & Lola Actually Get Married on ‘Y&R’? Michael Mealor on What’s in Store

Kyle and Lola's Wedding - Sasha Calle and Michael Mealor

For the second time this year, Kyle Abbott (Michael Mealor) is about to get married on The Young and the Restless!

This time, the bride is his true love Lola Rosales (Sasha Calle). The two come from different worlds and Kyle is determined to make sure his bride doesn’t find out about a past indiscretion that took place in New York that his “frenemy” Theo (Tyler Johnson) is holding over the groom’s head — Kyle partied with an underage girl in the Big Apple and she nearly died from alcohol poisoning!

And let’s not forget about Summer (Hunter King), Kyle’s ex, who gave part of her liver to Lola so she’d live. Will Summer’s feelings for Kyle cause future heartache?

TV Insider spoke to Mealor about Kyle’s cold feet and whether or not his second marriage will be more successful than his first!

Behind the Scenes of Kyle and Lola’s Wedding with Peter Bergman (Jack) and Michael Mealor (Kyle) (MONTY BRINTON/CBS)

Where is Kyle’s head as he is about make this commitment to Lola?

Michael Mealor: Kyle has never really seen a stable marriage. But he’s always wanted that. The unknown is alluring. It’s something he wants. He finds this girl who’s unlike anyone he’s ever known. He’s had relationships with Summer and women in New York, but now he’s found this girl who has brought out a side to himself that he’s never seen before. It’s made him 100% want to go for this. Lola represents a life that is loving. Kyle really hasn’t had that before.

Promos this week mention cold feet! What’s that about? Class difference? Lingering feelings for Summer?

I don’t think it’s about a class difference or about Summer, who will always be a part of his life. They’ve worked at having a friendship. What brings on the cold feet goes back to when he first came back to Genoa City. He wanted to do whatever it took to get the job done. Then, he met this woman, who began to slowly change him. As he gets closer and closer to the wedding, he’s questioning himself. He’s asking, ‘Am I a fraud?’ ‘Is this good boy persona an act?’ ‘Am I still the type of guy who will stab people in the back?’ I think that’s where the cold feet are coming from. It’s not about wondering if Lola is the right person. He’s wondering if he’s the person for her.

Marriage is also about the joining of two families. How’s Kyle getting along with the rest of the Rosales family these days?

I think he’s in a constant state of proving himself with the Rosales family. He is going to handle the situation. He can shift and mold and sweet talk and do all the things that he needs to do to win over Celeste (Eva La Rue) and Rey (Jordi Vilasuso). He knows how to get people on his side. He’s lost a bit of edge, but he hasn’t lost that personality characteristic. He laughs and he says they’re a lot to handle, but he tells Lola that she’s worth it. He’s a people person.

Is Kyle thinking of his late mom (Diane Jenkins) at a time like this and do his aunts Traci (Beth Maitland) and Ashley (Eileen Davidson) help fill that maternal void in his life?

Of course, would want his mother there, but that doesn’t necessarily bubble up for the audience to see. His aunts are there and they support him in a way where he doesn’t have a moment to feel that longing for his mother to be there. He’s getting a mother in law in Celeste. Aunt Traci and Aunt Ashley kind of support him in a way where he doesn’t have a moment to really feel that longing for his mother to be there. Traci and Ashley talk to Kyle before the wedding about his cold feet. They’re two mothers and they’ve always taken Kyle in, especially Traci. They fulfill that need for a maternal energy in these moments.


Weddings on soaps used to be these huge lavish events often show on location. What’s Kyle’s and Lola’s been like?

I love big party stuff on the show. I have to hand it to production. They did an incredible job with set design and decoration. It was absolutely gorgeous. It truly felt like what soap weddings have been in the past. Everyone went all out for this and gave it a 100%. It was beautiful and romantic and that was fully achieved. Those days are always fun because we’re creating something that’s really cool.

Will Kyle’s secret from New York (that Theo knows about) haunt his happiness with Lola?

Yes. It’s something Kyle wants to keep under wraps. It doesn’t paint him in the best light. It asks who is this person who would do this? Kyle thinks Lola would never look at him in the same way. Theo just loves hanging it over Kyle’s head. He loves to watch him squirm. Theo’s a bit of a survivor. Now, he has the power. He’s the one in control. He’s never been that [before] with Kyle. He enjoys having him in the palm of his hand. Theo doesn’t come from a family like the Abbotts. He does what it takes to allow himself to keep going and be successful.

Summer (Hunter King), Natalia (Natalia Barulich), Theo (Tyler Johnson), and Kyle (Michael Mealor) (Sonja Flemming/CBS)

Marriage can be death for a couple because there’s not as much conflict. What do you see Kyle and Lola’s hurdles are going to be in the future?

Summer will always be a thorn in the relationship’s side. No matter how much Lola tries to calm herself or ease her mind or thoughts I think that will always be right there on the surface. What would happen if this secret gets out is up to the writers, but I think that most likely it would cause turmoil [in the marriage]. It’s Summer and a secret that’s standing in the way of Kyle and Lola’s future happiness.

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