Hulu’s ‘Jawline’ Takes a Deep Dive Into the Phenomenon of Internet Fame

Photo courtesy of Hulu

Welcome to the strange world of internet fame in Hulu’s Jawline, where practically anyone can become well-known for posting videos and selfies online.

The documentary takes a deep dive into that shallow phenomenon by following a few teens and young adults who hope to increase their number of followers on social media and build their “brands” too.

Among them: Austyn Tester (above), a Kingsport, Tennessee, teen from a lower-middle-class family desperate to bust out of his tiny town.

But for him, it’s not all about monetizing fame. Tester, who spreads a message of positivity and kindness in the videos he makes for fans, “does want to change the world,” insists director Liza Mandelup.

“He’s struggled a lot. A part of me thinks creating a positive world for himself on the internet was a way for him to escape his real life.”

Jawline, Documentary Premiere, Friday, August 23, Hulu

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