‘Hyperdrive’ EP Previews Netflix’s ‘Spectacular Car Challenge’ Series

Courtesy of Netflix

Elite street racers feel the need for speed in Hyperdrive, a competition series featuring contestants (including Texas native Brittany Williams) who must maneuver through what executive producer Chris Cowan calls “one of the most spectacular car challenges on Earth.”

The 100-acre course, which features several obstacles, like “Supernova,” a narrow road where drivers go in reverse and whip their cars forward in one motion, isn’t designed to cater to any particular driver or car.

Continues Cowan, “Each of the challenges presented a unique set of problems depending on the driver’s skill and their car’s particular attributes.”

Alas, the winner at the end of the 10 episodes has no need to race to the bank: He or she takes home a trophy, but no cash prize.

Hyperdrive, Series Premiere, Wednesday, August 21, Netflix