Could There Be a New ‘Arrow’ Spinoff?

Lost Canary
Dean Buscher/The CW

The CW has a lot of arrows in its quiver so of course we’re wondering if another Arrow spinoff is one of them.

After all, the show that launched an entire TV universe is about to end Stephen Amell‘s reign as the Green Arrow.

The show has definitely set the stage for a potential story set in the future featuring next generation heroes Mia Smoak (Kat McNamara), William (Ben Lewis) and Connor Hawke (Joseph-David Jones). So is Arrow really done?

“Nothing is 100% ever done,” conceded Mark Pedowitz, President of The CW, today during the network’s opening session at the Television Critics Association in Beverly Hills. Adding that “there’s [a] possibility” of some sort of NuArrow.

Pedowitz revealed that there haven’t been any full discussions about it one way or another. Instead, he hung out a hint that there will be some sort of new addition to the Arrowverse in the near future by stating that “right now, there’s another property that we’re looking at for next season.”

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