3 Reasons to Binge ‘Pure’ Season 2 on Hulu Now

WGN America

The second season of WGN’s crime drama, Pure, about a Mennonite pastor’s crusade against a Canadian drug operation, lands on Hulu with all the action and suspense of the first.

If you’re looking for a nail-biting summer binge, Pure just might be your new obsession. Here’s why.

1. It’ll scratch your Breaking Bad itch

Like Walter White, Noah Funk (Ryan Robbins) starts out as a mild-mannered family man — until he decides to take on the “Mennonite mob.” Forced to join in order to protect his loved ones, he decides to destroy the violent group from within, going to extremes himself. But the Heisenberg here is Noah’s wife, Anna (Alex Paxton-Beesley), who has a knack for running a criminal enterprise, taking over her husband’s duties in Season 2.

2. It’s based on a true story

As unbelievable as it sounds, there allegedly was a North American drug pipeline controlled by Mennonites. Series creator Michael Amo pitched the thriller after reading about Mennonites smuggling cocaine and marijuana.

3. Spirituality plays a part

Unlike other crime dramas, Pure doesn’t shy away from its characters’ religion or the way it conflicts with the dirty deeds they’re forced into. Noah and Anna both struggle to reconcile their actions with their beliefs. There’s something hopeful in their faith, which makes the show less bleak than others like it.

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