‘Bachelorette’ Hannah Finally Reveals Why She Kept Luke P. Around for So Long

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Hannah Brown has made some controversial decisions throughout Season 15 of The Bachelorette, but her most confusing decision was keeping villain Luke Parker around as long as she did.

Though she did finally send him home during his Fantasy Suite date, Hannah is now revealing why she didn’t eliminate the 25-year-old sooner.

Opening up during the “Men Tell All” episode on Monday, July 22, Hannah explained her connection with Luke was the closest thing she has ever felt to love at first sight.

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“It was hard for me to understand at times. I will never try to say that the feelings that I had for him weren’t real, because they were,” she told host Chris Harrison.

“I think a lot of that came from being really insecure about being the Bachelorette in the first place. I remember when I got the call from you, I was so excited but also I had this doubt of, ‘Oh my gosh, am I going to be able to be this? Are the guys going to be disappointed?’”

While Hannah was excited to be the next leading lady, she also was combating deep insecurities about the entire process.

“I didn’t know if I was going to live up to this standard that I thought I had to live up to and the first night there, there is this huge fear of what your intentions are. Are they for fame? Are they for career? Are they for building a platform? Is it for you to just continue to be a personality?” she shared.

“That night, he made it clear and made me believe that he was there for me. There was safety in that, and he gave me hope from the beginning, and I held onto it a lot longer than I should have.”

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Despite giving him way too many chances, Hannah is thankful she came to the decision to send Luke home on her own and that the relationship is behind her.

“But ultimately, I’m really glad that relationship is behind me. I learned a lot from the experiences I went through and the heartbreak I ultimately went through from discovering that I deserved so much more than I could put up with.”

Now that Luke is no longer in the picture, Hannah will have to decide between her three remaining men — Tyler Cameron, Jed Wyatt, and Peter Weber.

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