‘Westworld’ Reintroduces Familiar Faces & Welcomes New Ones in Season 3 Trailer (VIDEO)

westworld season 2

HBO brought Westworld to Comic-Con 2019 for a sneak peek at Season 3, and during the presentation, the stars and creatives unveiled the full trailer for its upcoming chapter.

On location in San Diego were actors Evan Rachel Wood, Thandie Newton, Jeffrey Wright, Tessa Thompson, Aaron Paul and Luke Hemsworth, as well as showrunners Nolan and Lisa Joy. Debuting during the panel, the trailer offered a bigger look at the real world that fans saw Dolores (Wood), Bernard (Wright) and crew enter in the Season 2 finale.

As viewers learned last season, Dolores has a plan to reveal the world for what it is — a lie. “We have to be smarter then them, or they’ll find us and they will kill us,” Dolores says. “I’m gonna show this world for what it really is…”

Then comes the reintroduction of Bernard, who speaks openly with Aaron Paul’s mysterious new character. “Why did she bring you back?” he asks Bernard.

“Ford made each of us for a reason, even Dolores. I came back to find someone that would help me — someone strong enough to stop her if it comes to that,” Bernard reveals.

(Credit: HBO)

As for the rest of the gang, Maeve (Newton) appears to be transported to another time — could it be another one of Delos’ parks? She’s living in a Nazi-run village that appears to be in Italy or somewhere similar.

“I thought your world would be so different from mine, but there isn’t any difference at all, is there?” Dolores questions as the song “We’ll Meet Again,” plays ominously in the background.

(Credit: HBO)

The trailer gives a lot for fans to digest, from the apparent return to the Westworld park to a broader view of the futuristic world in which the humans live. While no specific premiere date has been given yet, we do know the show will return some time in 2020.

Until then, watch the trailer below and check out the awesome character posters featuring Dolores, Bernard, Maeve, the Man in Black, Charlotte, and Paul’s character Caleb above.

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