‘Project Blue Book’ Tackles Roswell in Season 2 Sneak Peek (VIDEO)

The boys are back for a new round of mysteries in Season 2 of History’s Project Blue Book which will feature Roswell, New Mexico.

During the show’s appearance at Comic-Con, a new teaser was released featuring Aidan Gillen‘s Dr. Allen Hynek, Michael Malarkey‘s Captain Michael Quinn, and Neal McDonough‘s General Harding. In the clip, Hynek and Quinn review a tape from a 1947 press conference straight out of Roswell, New Mexico.

The press conference shows the military attempting to debunk a UFO by having a farmer confirm that wreckage found was part of a weather balloon. The farmer’s paranoid look and General Harding’s presence don’t have Hynek and Quinn convinced though.

Fans will delve into the mysteries at Roswell and Area 51 in the upcoming season, and whether you’re familiar with UFOs or not, those are two places synonymous with extraterrestrial lore.

Production on the new season began in Vancouver this past week and the show is slated to return this winter on History.

Check out the exciting sneak peek video above and don’t miss Project Blue Book when it returns in early 2020!

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