Kaley Cuoco on Her ‘Modern’ Take on the ‘Fierce’ Villain ‘Harley Quinn’

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After playing actress turned pharmaceutical rep Penny on the blockbuster comedy The Big Bang Theory for 12 seasons, Kaley Cuoco’s latest project casts her as another irrepressible free spirit.

Cuoco gave us some inside scoop on her killer new role voicing Harley Quinn.

Given that she’s crazy, fun, wild and unpredictable, how much work does it take for you to get into character and voice Harley Quinn?

Kaley Cuoco: Not much since I’m also crazy, fun, wild, and unpredictable!

Any special tricks you use to get your voice (and attitude) in the right place?

Our director, Charlie [Adler], helps me jump right in. It requires a ton of energy and focus …and lots of water, since I do a ton of screaming!

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What appeals to you about Harley?

I love the character so much. She’s obviously super well known, but this version is modern and cool. Think of it like Harley Quinn on her iPhone grabbing a Starbucks after taking a few lives on the way.

What do you think of her rather unique way of looking at and responding to the world?

She’s a feminist and doesn’t want or need a man to depend on. At the same time, she has surrounded herself with quite the squad and realizes she needs these friends more than ever and would also do anything for them.

What will we see in the first season in terms of Harley’s story arc and the challenges she’ll face?

The series starts out as a Harley and Joker ragtag duo … but Joker wants all the credit and wants Harley to stand on the side supporting him and being cute. Harley realizes that she wants to take control of her own life and doesn’t want to continue down the path of pleasing Joker.

This is a very different project compared to The Big Bang Theory, obviously. What drew you to it and made you want to take on the role?

There is nothing more fun than playing a character as well-known and as fierce as Harley Quinn. I believe we are bringing a brand-new, modern-day take to the show and will bring in a whole new audience. It’s a blast!

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Kaley Cuoco, Alan Tudyk, J.B. Smoove, Lake Bell, and Diedrich Bader strike a pose!

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