David Spade Says Late-Night Show ‘Lights Out’ Is a ‘Comedy Show, No Agenda’

Lights out with David Spade
Comedy Central

Is it just us, or has late-night gotten a little intense lately? Luckily, David Spade is only in it for the laughs.

On his new show Lights Out, the Saturday Night Live alum and his guests will kick back and discuss the latest in pop culture — the kind of thing he did in the ’90s in his recurring “Weekend Update” bit “Hollywood Minute.”

Below, Spade fills us in.

Your show follows The Daily Show With Trevor Noah. So, no pressure, right?

David Spade: Well, I’ve heard a few shows [such as The Nightly Show With Larry Wilmore and The Opposition With Jordan Klepper] didn’t perform well [in that timeslot]. It’s very high stakes.

It sounds like your pop culture focus could be a palate cleanser after Noah’s more political stuff.

Right, it’s just a comedy show, no agenda. On a lot of these shows, [the commentary has become] a little rougher than Johnny Carson’s fun political jokes. I’ve never really done that. I’m just gonna focus on making fun of stars and current events in the news.

How does Lights Out compare to the classic late-night model?

It’s a panel show, so there’s four of us. I start with a cold opening and a monologue. Then I’ll sit with everybody and we’ll discuss things that went on that day. And we’ll maybe do a field piece and have a celebrity guest come on.

What are you excited to discuss in the premiere?

Every other day, I go, “Oh my God, I wish we were on right now!” O.J. [Simpson] joined Twitter — that would have been a fun one!

Lights Out With David Spade, Series Premiere, Monday, July 29, 11:30/10:30c, Comedy Central