‘Siren’s Eline Powell on Human-Mermaid Unity, Ryn’s Relationships & More (VIDEO)

Freeform’s Siren is back with Season 2B and things are only getting crazier for those living in Bristol Cove.

Ahead of the show’s two-hour episode on June 27, TV Insider caught up with star Eline Powell who fans know as the mermaid Ryn. During our chat, she opened up about unity between the human and mermaid world, the next biggest threat Siren‘s characters will face, and Ryn’s connection with Ben (Alex Roe) and Maddie (Fola Evans-Akingbola), among other things.

In this week’s episode, “Mixed Signals,” Maddie and Ben struggle with finding a way to help Ryn knowing that, in order to help Elaine, they must continue procedures on her. Meanwhile, when someone gets sirened, the desire to understand how the siren song actually works grows stronger, which only furthers the military’s interest in how they can use Ryn.

(Credit: Freeform/Kailey Schwerman)

As far as maintaining some peace between worlds, Powell says Katrina (Aylya Marzolf) may put up a fight. “I still believe Katrina finds it very hard to see a world where they can coexist,” she says. “I think where Ryn and some of the other merms see possibilities and see where it works, I think Katrina takes a lot of convincing to think that humans are worthy of merm interaction…. but I think it will always be a very fragile relationship.”

Powell fills us in on more above, including what it’s really like diving into the cold Vancouver water where they film Siren. Check out what she has to say above and don’t miss Siren on Freeform.

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