Human & Alien Dads are Treated to Comedy Central's 'Men in Black' Father’s Day Marathon

Tommy Lee Jones And Will Smith In 'Men In Black II'
Columbia Pictures/Getty Images

This Father’s Day weekend celebration begins on Saturday, June 15, with the airings of two iconic films on Comedy Central. First up is Men in Black, airing at 1:30/12:30c. Will Smith stars as a police officer who joins a secret organization that polices and monitors extraterrestrial interactions on Earth. His new identity is simply Agent J. Also starring as his new partner, Agent K, is Tommy Lee Jones and their boss is played by Rip Torn. This brilliant casting guarantees an entertaining intergalactic adventure.

Columbia Pictures/Getty Images

Then at 3:45/2:45c, Men in Black II will air. Our talented threesome return for more intergalactic challenges. This time, Agent J is sent to find Agent K, who had retired, and restore his memory after the re-appearance of a case from K's past.

Men in Black will air again at 5:45/4:45c, and on Sunday at 1:30/2:30c and 6/5c.

Men in Black II airs again at 8/7c, and on Sunday at 3:50/2:50c and 8:30/7:30c.