An Unlikely ‘Office’ Reunion Took Place at Game 7 of the Stanley Cup

Jim looking suspicious in The Office - John Krasinski

Game 7 of the Stanley Cup concluded with the St. Louis Blues reigning victorious over the Boston Bruins, but before the final scores were tallied an unlikely reunion for stars of The Office took place.

If fans of onscreen couple Jim and Pam have been following their real-life counterparts John Krasinski and Jenna Fischer, they’d know the actor’s were rooting for opposing teams. As a Boston native, Krasinski was loyal to the Bruins and Fischer cheered on the Blues since the beginning of the games.

After some light back-and-forth on social media through tweets and Instagram posts, Krasinski made a bold move for Game 7 which took place at Boston’s TD Garden. The actor shared a video of himself at the game and tagged Fischer, but The Office reunion wasn’t between the fan-favorite TV couple.

“Game 7 of Stanley Cup,” Krasinski announces. “Jenna Fischer, I know we’ve been having our ups and downs recently. I just wanted to say I’m really sorry you’re not here. This is your seat right here,” he says pointing to an empty spot next to him.

“And I was really bummed that you couldn’t make it. Listen, honestly let’s just have the best team win. Both teams are playing great…” he said while trailing off as someone passes in front of Krasinski to sit. As he continues talking his companion’s face comes into view, revealing that it’s David Denman — aka Pam’s ex-fiance Roy from The Office.

As Krasinski wraps up his message for Fischer, he tells Denman, “this is Jenna by the way.” In response, Denman throws a cool nod towards the camera and the video instantly made the rounds on Twitter and beyond.

The reunion is certainly not what fans of the show would have ever expected, as Jim and Roy were essentially enemies due to their love for Pam. While Jim was victorious, we all know John Krasinski wasn’t when it came to the Stanley Cup’s final outcome.

(Credit: NBC)

Fischer responded to the message with her own tweet at Krasinski, “Ha. Ha. Ha. Well played. Just be careful he doesn’t leave you at the game,” she wrote.

Of course, Krasinski’s goading was for naught, as the Blues won the game, and when Fischer celebrated their victory he conceded, writing, “Well, a big congrats to everyone in St. Louis. A tough loss, but a momentous occasion! Great series! Next time Fischer… next time.”

No matter what team you were rooting for, all of The Office fans were winners when it came to this surprising Game 7 moment.

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