Paul Blackthorne Teases a Mix of Crime & Ghosts in ‘The InBetween’

The InBetween - Harriet Dyer
Chris Large/NBC

Missing Patricia Arquette‘s psychic procedural, Medium? NBC has you covered: In The InBetween, Seattle bartender Cassie Bedford (Harriet Dyer) was born with powers that allow her to see past and future and communicate with the occasional spirit in need.

Explains Paul Blackthorne (Arrow), who plays her adoptive dad, police detective Tom Hackett: “Cassie, with her extrasensory abilities, sees the ghosts, while my character sees the real-life crimes.”

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Cassie’s often unpredictable powers, which she uses to assist Hackett on a grisly murder case, are by necessity kept secret — until an inquisitive new partner, former FBI agent Damien Asante (Training Day‘s Justin Cornwell), enters the picture.

“Damien is the analytical, scientific type,” says Blackthorne. “Initially Hackett is not expecting him to be too positive about Cassie’s ethereal sensibilities.”

Paul Blackthorne (at left) in The InBetween (Credit: Sergei Bachlakov/NBC)

But her abilities are undeniable, and offer resolution for the living and the dead. Blackthorne defines the InBetween as a sort of purgatory — “lost, sad, tortured souls stuck there trying to move on.” Calling Cassie…

The InBetween, Series Premiere, Wednesday, May 29, 10/9c, NBC