‘iZombie’ Boss Promises Resolution to Clive and Dale’s Latest Complication

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[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Season 5, Episode 3 of iZombie, “Five, Six, Seven, Ate!”]

Clive’s (Malcolm Goodwin) life just got a whole lot more complicated. He can handle murders and zombies without breaking into a sweat. But iZombie just made things very difficult for him in Season 5, Episode 3.

He and Dale (Jessica Harmon) are expecting, but they get a big surprise during one of their Lamaze classes. Just as the teacher informs him that as the birth partner, Clive must “surround mom with light and love,” starting with breathing exercises, in walks a pregnant Michelle (Christie Laing).

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Things keep getting harder for Major in New Seattle.

“I’d say small world, but it’s a walled in city,” she greets them after class.

Then it just gets very, very awkward as both women comment they have three months to go. Once Michelle leaves, Dale assumes from “the banquet of nervous facial expressions [she] was just treated to” that he slept with Michelle before they got back together. Yes, there’s a chance the baby is his. It only happened once, then he broke up with her and asked Dale to marry him the next day. And yes, it happened as quickly as it sounds.

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It’s up to Clive to get answers, and when he asks Michelle if the baby is his, she admits she doesn’t know. After he ended things, she was “a little reactive” and “made a couple bad choices,” including her ex-boyfriend Shane, who’s now out of the picture in Cleveland. She isn’t sure which of them is the father, and while she’s not sure if it matters, it does to Clive. But she refuses to get a DNA test due to the unnecessary risks to the pregnancy.

Dale’s not too receptive to just waiting, but Clive points out they’re hoping the baby isn’t his, which doesn’t feel right. While they have people excited for them, Michelle has no one. And in the end, it’s Dale who steps up to help Michelle when the other woman shows up without a birth partner to Lamaze class again. “You think I have a menu of options and I just haven’t selected one yet?” Michelle asks the teacher.

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We grabbed time with the beloved stars of the CW series to find out everything about the final season.

“It’s going to be tough,” series creator Rob Thomas told TV Insider and promised it’ll be resolved this season. “Dale is going to try to accept it. She’s going to try to be good, really try to not be jealous, but that story’s not over yet. The thing I can promise with that is that story will play out until the very final episode and you will get answers to all those questions. It is certainly not easy. It does not make things easier for Clive.”

Elsewhere in the episode, schools are now using “lice checks” to identify zombie kids, and one of them rages out after his classmates bully him and paint a “Z” on his locker. “Humans are the real monsters,” he yells. Peyton (Aly Michalka) calls in Major (Robert Buckley) because the kid is Jordan’s (Jade Payton) brother. Michael wants to join Fillmore Graves immediately so he can “start killing humans.”

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What he and his sibling need is someplace safe — a loving and nurturing environment — and when Peyton and Major go to Liv (Rose McIver) for help, she tells them to leave the kids with her. The orphan zombies meet the other zombie kids at the safe haven during the funeral for Baron and learn about coyotes being humans. That’s because they can navigate the rest of the United States and get past checkpoints out there for zombies.

“We were just interested in playing the idea of, here’s this kid whose sister’s been murdered by humans,” Thomas explained. “He wants to join Fillmore Graves so he can kill humans, and then to find out that a human gave his life in order to save some kids who are now zombies? That story was just to complicate that kid’s emotions to see, ‘How do you feel knowing this, knowing there are humans out there risking their lives for zombies?'”

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Four returning series and one new one are being held for the midseason.

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