‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 15 Episode 24: Seattle Weather Wreaks Havoc Again (RECAP)

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[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Season 15, Episode 24 of Grey’s Anatomy, “Drawn to the Blood.”]

Just when you thought it was safe to go back to Seattle! We thought we had seen every disaster that could possibly befall the Emerald City, but no. Deadly fog rolled into town in Grey’s Anatomy Season 15 Episode 24 a.k.a. May 9’s “Drawn to the Blood,” and appropriately, the fate of many of our favorite characters is murky.

As the episode starts, Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) has a nightmare about an operation gone awry — a surgery on her old matchmaker, no less! — and she wakes up next to Jo (Camilla Luddington). Sorry, femme-slash shippers: Mer is just camping out at Chez Jolex until Jo opens up about what’s bothering her. More on that later.

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At the hospital, the other Dr. Karev (Justin Chambers) is excited because he found a RH-null blood donor for Gus in London, and she’s arriving at any moment. Trouble is, the donor, a British woman named Frances, has crippling agoraphobia and refuses to leave the plane, much to Schmitt’s (Jake Borelli) frustration.

Owen (Kevin McKidd) rushes to the airport to collect blood, but Frances won’t let him stick her with a needle anywhere but the hospital, where she refuses to go. It’s quite the pickle. Frances explains to them that she was taught at a very young age that any injury would likely mean death since her blood type is so rare, so she spends her life ensconced at home, far from the hazards of the outside world.

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Back at the hospital, Gus’s mom has a temper tantrum about her family’s bad luck and throws one of her son’s Lego creations to the floor, where it shatters. And — more bad luck — Gus’s dad immediately slips on the Legos and breaks his coccyx. But his coccyx doesn’t just break, it actually punctures his rectum. Gus’s mom thinks it’s wildly funny that her hubby has a “broken butt,” mostly because it’s a sorely needed dose of comic relief.

Scrubbing in on the butt surgery is Nico (Alex Landi), who’s still moping about killing a patient earlier this season. Richard (James Pickens Jr.) tells him to lighten up already. They’re fixing a punctured rectum! That should be funny!

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But the bad luck train just keeps on rolling, and Gus has a heart attack. His organs start failing since they’re not getting the oxygen they need, so Alex has the smart thought to put him in the hyperbaric chamber.

During all of this, Mer admits to Jo that a small part of her is using Jo’s crisis an excuse to hide from DeLuca (Giacomo Gianniotti) after he told her he loved her in last week’s episode. “The ‘I love you’ scares me because the last person I said it to was Derek,” she tells Jo. But Jo says Mer’s problems pale in comparison to her own. She finally opens up to Mer about how she’s a daughter of a rapist and his victim, and she relates that painful reality to her abusive (and now dead) husband, Paul. (“Everything he did to me, everything I escaped — that was my birthright, Meredith. That was my inheritance.”)

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She thinks she shouldn’t have ever existed, and Mer does her best to convince her otherwise — pointing out that without Jo, Megan Hunt’s abdominal wall transplant wouldn’t have happened, the mini-livers would have taken years instead of months, and Alex would still be “evilspawn.”

She also tells Jo about that time in Season 3 when Mer fell into Puget Sound during the ferry crash recovery and how considered giving up on life. “I thought, ‘Why fight? Why not just stop?’” she tells Jo. “I stopped. The only reason I’m here is that the people who loved me didn’t give up me.” Jo replies, “I don’t want to stop… and I do.” So Mer tells her that they’ll talk to Alex and Bailey (Chandra Wilson) and get Jo a proper leave of absence and the therapy that she needs.

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The two of them go to the hospital and find a group of doctors trying to figure out why Bailey and Catherine (Debbie Allen) have been sequestered in a boardroom talking to a group of suits the whole day. Mer leaves Jo with DeLuca to wait for Bailey while Mer heads off to talk with Alex. But Bailey calls DeLuca into the boardroom. Once he’s seated, Bailey starts asking questions about Gabby, the young Mexican immigrant girl whom Mer listed as Ellis Grey, her daughter, to have Gabby’s surgery covered by insurance during last week’s episode. Catherine explains that the suits in the room are inspectors from the hospital’s medical insurance provider, and they’re investigating what Mer did, which Catherine calls “both a fraud and a felony.”

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Meanwhile, Mer finds Alex in the hyperbaric chamber and locks herself in with him and Gus so that they can have a chat about Jo. Before they can get into it, though, DeLuca taps on the window of the chamber and explains that he got caught listing Gabby as Ellis to get her covered. Yep, he’s taking the fall for Mer, being the chivalrous, lovestruck guy that he is. Then again, Mer has children, and she has a reputation to upkeep, so DeLuca has far less to lose than she does. She claps her hand against the glass of the chamber window, begging DeLuca not to turn himself into the police, but he seems resolved.

As for the other ongoing patient case, Amelia (Caterina Scorsone) is still hoping that the stem cell injections will kick in and give Kari sensation in her arms again, but it’s been 13 days without progress. Worse, Kari has an infection caused by a cavitary lesion, and she needs a lobectomy. Toby, Kari’s gender-nonconforming child, is worried about their mom going under the knife, but Kari tells them that when they came out as “not a woman, not a man, but both,” Kari learned to stop being scared by life.

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It’s a most touching speech, and Teddy (Kim Raver) thinks so, too. She chooses not to be scared by her love life, so she goes to Owen’s house and finds… Amelia with Leo. “Did I step into a time portal?” she asks. But Amelia assures her that she and Owen are done, which is good for Teddy because she doesn’t feel “passion or rage or ecstasy” with Koracick (Greg Germann), who’s dutifully assembling an IKEA crib for Teddy’s unborn child and completely oblivious to his girlfriend’s change of heart. But just after Teddy declares her love for Owen — to Amelia, mind you — her water breaks.

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By the way, Amelia is dealing with her own declaration of love. Link (Chris Carmack) tells her that their casual relationship is turning into something more for him. He tends to assume the best — after all, the worst already happened to him when he nearly died from cancer as a kid — but he also wants to make sure he’s doing whatever he can to make that “best” happen. So when he finds Amelia taking Leo “home” to Owen’s house — and yes, she uses the word “home” — he asks, “Is this your past or your future?” He tells Amelia he doesn’t need an answer now but he’d like one soon.

In the midst of all this, Jackson and Maggie are finally taking the camping trip he’s been jonesing for. Maggie is trying her best to enjoy it, but it’s not going well. She can’t get comfortable in the tent. She gets bitten by an insect. She develops a severe allergic reaction. She twists her ankle. She gets frantic texts from Alex about Gus’s downturn. And she gets texts about Teddy’s water breaking. And just when she and Jackson decide to give up on their camping trip, they open their tent flap and see a torrential downpour. “I guess God’s water just broke, too,” Jackson says, in what must be one of the most off-putting lines ever uttered on Grey’s Anatomy.

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Meanwhile, Owen is finally able to Frances out of the plane by putting her on video chat with Gus and his family, but once the two of them and Schmitt finally get on the road, they get stuck in traffic… in the aforementioned fog. And you can see where this is going, right? One car collides with theirs, and then another, and another. It’s a pile-up situation. And with that calamity, we cut to black. Next week? Season finale. And fair warning: we wouldn’t be surprised if not all of the docs survive!

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