TLC’s ‘sMOTHERED’ Explores Extreme Mother-Daughter Relationships


Mothers and daughters often share an amazing bond of love and friendship, but in TLC’s new appropriately titled docuseries sMOTHERED, you’ll witness the extreme side to the “like mother, like daughter” mentality.

The series follows four families who know their relationship is a bit over the top — let’s face it, that’s what makes good TV — and explores their way of thinking. So how extreme is extreme when it comes to these bonds? I think some of these ladies even have the Kardashians beat. Here we count some of their ways …

  1. Dawn (59) and Cher (27) (pictured at top) act, speak and look more like twins than mother and daughter, so much so that they both married Jewish doctors in their early 20s. But their relationship is put to the test when Cher admits that she has been keeping a huge secret from her mom.
  2. Sunhe (50) and Angelica (30) sleep in the same bed, and sometimes even share the same bathwater (only if the water is still hot!). “If I could find a man version of Angelica, I would marry them in a heartbeat — she is the love of my life,” Sunhe tells. Both of their lives, however, are sent into a tailspin when Angelica’s boyfriend wants to take things to the next level.
  3. Kathy (59) and Cristina (33) live five houses away from each other, they meet for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and Kathy wouldn’t have it any other way (despite what her daughter’s in-laws think). “I think I spend more time with my mom than my husband,” Cristina admits.
  4. Sandra (44) and Mariah (20) are best friends and do everything together, including partying and double dating. “I feel like my mom should live her life now like she’s in her 20s. Why shouldn’t she?” Mariah says. Well, there are a lot of reasons Mommy shouldn’t dress and act like that, and it looks like Mariah might find out why when it comes to her 21st birthday.

After exploring their lives, there’s no doubt many of you will walk away with a whole new appreciation for your everyday mom.

sMOTHERED, Premieres Sunday, June 9, 10/9c, TLC

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