‘Walking Dead’ Reunion! Josh McDermitt Joins Michael Cudlitz on ‘The Kids Are Alright’ (VIDEO)

ABC/Rick Rowell

The Clearys go to work in the latest installment of The Kids Are Alright and one of Mike’s (Michael Cudlitz) coworkers looks pretty familiar.

The actor’s former Walking Dead costar, Josh McDermitt, is stopping by the ABC comedy to play Mike’s coworker. TV Insider has your first look at the reunion with a special clip and set of photos.

While The Kids Are Alright often focuses on the home life of the Clearys, they’ll wander to parts unknown when they show up at Mike’s place of employment. Prior to their grand entrance though, McDermitt enters what appears to be the employee break room, “Good afternoon. Feel free to keep eating your lunches, I already had mine,” he says before adding “fish” to the statement.

McDermitt’s monotone voice changes the room’s atmosphere almost immediately and in a highly comedic way. As he prepares to give an announcement, he’s interrupted and relays a message just given to him. “It seems we have a delightful surprise, which unfortunately cannot be avoided. We have guests for today’s award, Mike Cleary, apparently you have a family and they are here.”

(Credit: ABC/Rick Rowell)

Of course, the announcement doesn’t elicit excitment but rather paranoia as Mike asks why Peggy (Mary McCormack) and the kids would show up. How will their visit play out? Fans will have to tune into the episode titled “Mike’s Award.”

Luckily the logline hints that Peggy’s motivation for attending the awards ceremony because she gets competitive with a friend whose husband’s been receiving high recognition at work. Meanwhile Joey (Christopher Paul Richards) is determined to book Timmy (Jack Gore) to perform at the Pioneer Day Carnival where Eddie (Caleb Foote) will try to prove the games aren’t rigged.

(Credit: ABC/Rick Rowell)

Don’t miss it when “Mike’s Award” airs Tuesday, May 7, and check out the exclusive clip below for that special Walking Dead reunion.

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