'The Resurgence: DeMarcus Cousins' Chronicles the NBA Star's Grueling Comeback

Rick and Christina Gables
Courtesy of SHOWTIME

The Resurgence: DeMarcus Cousins, premiering Saturday, April 13 on Showtime, chronicles the enigmatic NBA superstar’s grueling comeback from a career-threatening injury and his path through free agency.

The documentary provides access to one of the NBA’s biggest personalities at the most crucial time of his career.

Courtesy of SHOWTIME

Viewers witness Cousins’ roller-coaster ride through free agency that culminated in a shocking one-year deal with the two-time defending NBA champion Golden State Warriors. We then join his private and emotionally charged journey back from a devastating Achilles injury.

Courtesy of SHOWTIME

The Resurgence goes inside the mind of the NBA All Star as he suffers the injury that has been a career death sentence for some NBA players.

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The film features exclusive interviews with teammates, coaches and NBA insiders closest to the story. With a range of critical questions surrounding Cousins and his career, the doc reveals the answers and reactions as they unfold.

Once on the verge of a massive contract he soon discovers how both his injury and his reputation have impacted his financial future. Ultimately, he chooses to bet on himself and to prove that your perception is not his reality.

With access to the oft-maligned superstar, the audience is allowed us to make our own judgment on the man known as “Boogie.”

The Resurgence: DeMarcus Cousins, Premiere, Saturday, April 13, 8/7c, Showtime