‘Barry’ Star Anthony Carrigan Says His Noho Hank Is a ‘Well-Meaning’ Bad Guy

Anthony Carrigan in Barry

Sure, Barry’s Noho Hank (Anthony Carrigan) — the newly ascended leader of the Chechen mob — is a ruthless gangster capable of committing unspeakable crimes. He’s also effervescent, endearing and a fabulous host (and in the habit of offering visitors submarine sandwiches upon arrival).

“Hank is very thoughtful and considerate, and he brings those qualities to a really dangerous job,” Carrigan says. “It’s rare to see a well-meaning person in such a dark profession.”

While there’s still plenty to learn about Hank, we do know this: He recently relocated from Eastern Europe to L.A., where he’s been giddily soaking up the sunny lifestyle — probably because his personality is more suited for a poolside hang with the Kardashians than his current line of work. “In a different world, Hank would absolutely have been collaborating with influencers and creating his own clothing line,” says Carrigan.

Bill Hader as Barry and Anthony Carrigan as Noho Hank (HBO)

Unlucky for Hank, his role only gets harder now that he’s tasked with making the tough calls — like strong-arming Barry (Bill Hader) into working for him.

“Hank thinks Barry is the coolest, most badass guy who’s ever been — Jason Bourne, essentially — and that they are best buds,” Carrigan says. “Knowing that Barry doesn’t want to do [bad] things adds to Hank’s stress. He’s going to be presented with a lot of conflicts in Season 2.” May we suggest unwinding over a 10-foot cold-cut combo on honey wheat?

Barry, Season 2 Premiere, Sunday, March 31, 10/9c, HBO