‘Bringing Up Bates’ Sneak Peek: The Family Races to Baby Kade’s Birth (VIDEO)

Bates baby joy! (from left): Evan Stewart and Carlin Bates visit Tori (formerly Bates) and Bobby Smith in the hospital and welcome Baby Kade, whose magnificent full name is Robert Ellis Smith IV.

In the April 4 episode of UPtv’s Bringing Up Bates, members of the Bates brood rush to the hospital to witness the early arrival of Tori and Bobby’s son, Kade.

And TV Insider has an exclusive sneak peek at the big moment! Of course, in true Bates family fashion, Lawson is driving us to giggles as he, Gil, Carlin, Erin, and baby Everly make the late-night drive from Eastern Tennessee to Nashville.

Check out the preview below:

When TV Insider recently spoke with Carlin Bates, she revealed why Baby Kade’s earlier-than-expected arrival had the family — and their hearts — racing.

“So far, the births that I’ve been to have been close, like 20 minutes away. For the birth of Tori’s baby, we were driving three hours and when we got the phone call that she was in labor, it was a madhouse! We were grabbing bags, grabbing cameras, and we didn’t want to miss anything,” she shares.

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As the family piled into multiple cars and hit the road, Carlin reveals that the family made a flurry of phone calls to the hospital where Tori labored while supported by her husband, Bobby, and her proud Mom (and Grandma-to-be), Kelly Jo. “The first thing we’re on the phone saying, ‘Whatever you do don’t have this baby! We don’t wanna miss it! Just hold it a little longer,” Carlin recalls with a laugh.

“And there were so many nerves and so many prayers going that entire three-hour drive to the hospital. And I think it was so dramatic, but finally getting there and seeing this adorable baby being born was a miracle. I literally want to watch the episode ten times because it’s magic!”

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