‘Temptation Island’ Sneak Peek: Is Shari Ready to Move On? (VIDEO)

Temptation Island Sneak Peek Shari Javen Justin
Zana Najjar/NBCUniversal

On the March 12 episode of USA Network’s Temptation Island, Shari is torn between fully embracing the experience and dating other men, and pining for her long-time love, Javen.

Shari and Javen are high school sweethearts, and while Javen admits to cheating on Shari while in college, he is the only man that Shari has ever been with. The pair arrived on the island for Shari to experience other men before deciding if Jalen is her one and only.

In this exclusive clip from the episode titled “Romantic Getaways,” Shari opens up to Justin—one of the island’s steamy singles—about only having dated one person and questions whether or not she’s ready for the outcome of her time on the island.

Check it out:

I know that editing is at play here, but dang, those are some meaningful glances!!

The Temptation Island two-part season finale begins on March 19, and as host Mark L. Walberg teases, “At the end they’ll make a decision—or one of three possible decisions. The couples can decide that they want to be with the person they came to the island with; or they may decide that they found someone new that they’re in love with and they leave with someone new; or they may decide that they haven’t found anybody they love and they just want to go home and be single.”

Walberg also hints, “All three of these options happen in one way, shape or form.”

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