‘The Legend of Cocaine Island’ & More Freakier-Than-Fiction Docs on Netflix


From Making a Murderer to Wild Wild Country, Netflix has become the destination for bonkers documentaries.

The party continues with The Legend of Cocaine Island, a 2018 Tribeca Film Festival hit that’s as odd as it is entertaining. “[I] came across articles about a Florida businessman who goes looking for $2 million worth of cocaine buried on a Caribbean Island,” director Theo Love says of subject Rodney Hyden. “The story had twists, turns, action, adventure and more quirk than a Coen Brothers film.”

To nail the insanity of Hyden’s hunt, Love went big. “We shot with cinema cameras and lenses, [reenacted] action sequences with stunt drivers and even threw in a sex scene — of the turtle variety — to keep things interesting,” he notes. “But things really got weird when Hyden agreed to play himself in the re-created scenes.” (The image above features an actor portraying another player in the tale.)

“[This is] more than a true story,” continues Love. “It’s a legend.”

The Legend of Cocaine Island, Documentary Premiere, Friday, March 29, Netflix

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