‘Last Man Standing’ Sneak Peek: Vanessa & Mandy Give Jen Prom Advice (VIDEO)

Michael Becker / FOX

When Jen (Krista Marie Yu) joined the Baxter family as an exchange student on Last Man Standing, she started to quickly acclimate to their customs. But in this week’s “Cards on the Table” episode, she’ll face a new challenge — prom.

TV Insider has your exclusive first look at the episode, in which Jen looks to Vanessa (Nancy Travis) and Mandy (Molly McCook) for support as she attempts this American rite of passage. So what kind of wisdom will they impart on her?

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In the scene, we see Vanessa and Jen discussing her day at school, and Jen reveals there was a mishap in chemistry when someone mixed hydrogen and chlorine together. Of course, that was nothing compared to the real focus of her classmates — “All anyone can talk about is prom,” Jen complains.

“How exciting!” Vanessa says about the impending event, but she gets a less-than-enthused response from Jen, who moans at the idea. Vanessa then asks, “Haven’t been asked yet?”

“No, and I’m dying to go,” Jen answers eagerly.

What will happen when Mandy enters the conversation? Find out in the clip below, and as for the rest of the episode, fans can look forward to some drama when Mike (Tim Allen) invites Ryan (Jordan Masterson) to his weekly poker game, only to regret it when Ryan gets the guys to open up about their feelings.

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