David Bromstad on Why He’s the Real Winner of HGTV’s ‘My Lottery Dream Home’ (VIDEO)


They say winning isn’t everything, but whoever “they” are probably never watched My Lottery Dream Home because winning is literally the only thing that gets you in the door.

The HGTV series, which stars original Design Star champ David Bromstad, helps recent lotto lucky ducks find new homes worthy of their windfalls. They’re not all Mega-Millions Powerball types, but every one of them has enough of an increased cashflow that they can up their budget and give Bromstad a wider — and wilder — field of listings to explore.

Now in its sixth season, MLDH has covered a lot of house-hunting ground, from mountain cabins to beachy vacation spots to the kind of jaw-dropping lakefront cribs that should have us all buying scratchers after work.

TV Insider recently sat down with the hot and heavily inked host to discuss how he approaches each client, what sort of work his team is doing behind-the-scenes and why he loves the “cultural thing” happening around gambling in Massachusetts. And based on Bromstad’s ebullient attitude about the work he gets to do, it’s clear that he’s the one who is walking away more enriched.

My Lottery Dream Home, Fridays, 9/8c, HGTV