‘SEAL Team’ EP Teases the Show’s Return and a Big Step for Sonny & Davis

Sonja Flemming/CBS

On March 20, SEAL Team is returning from a two-month hiatus with a new time-slot (Wednesdays at 10/9c)  — and a riskier-than-expected covert mission.

The Bravo Team members’ boots hit the ground in the Democratic Republic of Congo to capture Roland Benga (Roger Davies), a brutal rebel militia leader who attacked Americans. Turns out, there’s an even bigger target: Gadiel Kande, the long-thought-dead warlord who taught Benga every evil thing he knows, is alive! The guys pivot to catch him, even though they don’t have the necessary tactical equipment or specialized preparation for the job.

Unlike in other missions, SEAL Team leader Jason Hayes (David Boreanaz) “doesn’t clash with local command,” according to exec producer John Glenn, who says Hayes realizes that the expertise of Congolese General Sunda (Antonio David Lyons) on the culture and the target himself “is instrumental to mission success.”

The resourceful soldiers manage to locate their new target’s compound, but it’s unclear whether he’s actually inside. As the guys hunker down in an abandoned building in hostile territory, Sunda butts heads with Gen. Eli Trask (Joe Flanigan), the commander of the United States Africa Command.

“Sunda pushes for an air strike to potentially take out the man who has caused his country so much pain,” says Glenn. “But Trask is more cautious. He doesn’t want to risk the bad optics of the U.S. military publicly operating in DRC. It’s a murky moral quandary.” Bravo Team’s position at the center of this conflict “forms the backbone of the episode,” Glenn continues.

AJ Buckley as Sonny Quinn and Toni Trucks as Lisa Davis (Erik Voake/CBS)

The good news? The mission spurs SEAL Sonny (A.J. Buckley), who’s still reeling from a brush with death in the torpedo tube on the January 23 episode, to open up to Davis (Toni Trucks). Explains Glenn, “It gives him the courage to be more forthright about his feelings for her.”

SEAL Team, Wednesdays, 10/9c, CBS