Emmy Rossum Previews Fiona’s ‘Shameless’ Exit & Talks a Potential Return

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Emmy Rossum broke a lot of hearts last year when she announced her departure from Shameless, but it doesn’t sound like she’s closing the door completely. While she feels as though her character will have a nice send-off, this may not be the end of the road for our beloved Fiona Gallagher.

The actress opened up to Entertainment Weekly about playing Fiona for nine seasons and why she’s finally ready to move on to something new.


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“I was 23 when the show started and it’s been pretty remarkable the confidence that it’s given me,” she shared.

“It’s been a long, wonderful journey and I’m so close to my Gallagher family that to walk away is quite bittersweet, but it did feel like it was time for the character to spread her wings and that there was less need for her. I never want something to just feel like a job and so I’m leaving while I still love it.”

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The actor 'left' the show earlier in Season 9.

While it’s difficult to say goodbye to such an iconic character, it’s clear Rossum is ready for a new challenge in her life.

“I had felt that coming for a while — 110 hours of a character is a long time and it’s one that’s been a really fascinating journey,” she explained.


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“I’ve never had the opportunity to tell a story in such long-form before, and it can become quite fascinating, because you just get to investigate so many different aspects of a person and experience their growth over a long period of time.”

She continued, “And it really does feel like we’ve spent nine wonderful years together, and it also feels like I’m excited to experience what else is out there, what other characters will excite me in the way that Fiona did for so long, and to see what else I can tackle, what is scary and exciting and wonderful.”

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The actress will depart the series in the second half of Season 9.

But don’t worry, Shameless fans — we may get another Fiona appearance at some point.

“I would never close my door on the family. Like I said in what I wrote and what I said to them repeatedly, they should just think of me being down the block. I’m just in New York. It’s not like I’ll never be in L.A. or Chicago ever again, so I’m not that far away,” she said.


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“But for me, quite honestly, I’m not sure what more story can be told for her. I really liked the way we ended it. But never say never; I really love all the people I work with. There’s so many other things that I want to do but I love my family.”

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