‘Whiskey Cavalier’ Guest Star Bellamy Young on Her ‘Scandal’ Reunion With Scott Foley

Whiskey Cavalier
Larry D. Horricks/ABC

Bellamy Young‘s footloose plan last fall was to “hop around” Europe, she says. “I thought, ‘Well, when am I going to have a free place to stay in Prague? I’m going to go visit my friends the Foleys!'” That would be Scott Foley, her former costar on Scandal, and his wife, actress Marika Dominczyk, who had temporarily relocated with their three kids for his globe-trotting role as CIA agent Will Chase in the romantic crime drama.

When the Whiskey Cavalier producers had a role to fill, they instantly thought of Young. “Thanks to Marika’s Instagram stories, everybody knew I was in town,” Young says, and “it went from a two-and-a-half-week trip to a five-week trip!”

In this episode, the actress best known as Scandal’s President Mellie Grant guest stars as recently widowed Karen Pappas. In order to acquire her shipping magnate husband’s list of criminal clients, Will goes undercover to stage a seduction, although hard-edged partner Frankie (Lauren Cohan) doubts the heart-on-his-sleeve agent can pull off the mission. “We meet Karen at a very sad moment in her life,” Young says, and “Will has a soft spot for any damsel in distress.” As predicted, Will finds himself in over his head. “I can say with confidence,” she adds, “there will be kissing.”

Young found shooting in the Czech Republic “magical” from Day 1. “It was me and Scott and 300 extras at sunrise on the Charles Bridge, with a drone, with the castle on the hill.” Before cameras rolled, though, Dominczyk had already played tour guide for Young (“We took a billion selfies,” she enthuses). Otherwise, Young says, “I wouldn’t have been able to focus.”

Other European locations such as Paris and London really set this show apart, Young says. “It’s so glamorous, all the places they go. I’m so happy for Scotty!”

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