Disney Junior’s ‘Fancy Nancy’ Stages a Mini ‘Cheers’ Reunion (VIDEO)

Fancy Nancy 3
Disney Junior

Not everyone watching Fancy Nancy will know their names — but their parents will!

In the February 22 episode of the Disney Junior series, Cheers alums John Ratzenberger and George Wendt join the show, voicing Nancy’s two grandfathers. “The Amazing Adventures of Grammy and Poppy/Un, Deux, Cha Cha Cha!” will see Ratzenberger portray “Poppy,” while Wendy plays the titular character’s “Grandpa.”

Fans of Cheers will fondly remember Ratzenberger and Wendt as Cliff and Norm, frequenters of the Boston-based bar which also serves as the show’s title. But you won’t see any boozing in Fancy Nancy, as Ratzenberger’s segment sees Nancy learn to appreciate the presence of her Grammy and Poppy.

Ratzenberger and Wendt in Cheers

For Wendt’s character’s storyline, Nancy teams up with Grandpa to participate in a local ballroom dance competition. “Working on Fancy Nancy is such a pleasure. Nancy is so sweet, that I get a little misty-eyed every time we reach the denouement of a story,” Wendt says of his role. “Then I got to have a reunion with John Ratzenberger on an episode. Lots of laughs!”

Check out Wendt’s Grandpa alongside the Fancy Nancy in this exclusive image:

Of his experience, Ratzenberger says, “Reteaming with George was like flying once again with the Blue Angels. I know my grandkids will get a kick out of their Grandpa playing one of Nancy’s grandpas.”

The acting vet’s voice may also sound familiar because he’s voiced characters in many other projects, most notably Toy Story and many Pixar films since. You can catch a glimpse of Ratzenberger as Poppy in the exclusive clip below:

Fancy Nancy, Friday, February 22, 11am/10am c, Disney Junior