Luke Perry Joins CW’s Archie Comics Pilot

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Luke Perry joins CW’s Archie Comics pilot

The former Beverly Hills, 90210 star is moving to Riverdale to play Archie’s dad, who is actually bald in the comic book. Fred Andrews is a construction firm owner who expects son Archie to join him in his business.

Black-ish delivers with a very special Black Lives Matter episode

Tonight’s episode really steps into it — not around it, says Verne Gay. “Episodes like this can go straight to the pulpit,” he adds, “with club in hand, ready to smite the offending world. Or they can go to a different place — of understanding and even illumination. ‘Hope’ goes to the second place for the most part. The result is a high-water mark for the series, easily so.”

Bob Saget is proud of Brie Larson, his former TV daughter, after seeing her Oscar-nominated performance in Room

“Proud she was my TV daughter in 2001,” tweeted Saget, who starred on the 2001-02 WB sitcom Raising Dad, with Larson and Kat Dennings playing his daughters.

Ex-Bachelorette winner blames the show for The Bachelor alum’s recent suicide

Bachelor is one of the most dangerous shows,” says Jesse Csincsak, a friend of Lex McAllister, who was died earlier this month. “It is not about finding love, it is about embarrassing the hell out of each and every contestant for ratings and money. It ruins people’s lives. I’m afraid this won’t be the last suicide.”

Charo is coming to Jane the Virgin

The “cuchi-cuchi” singer and actress will play herself on the CW series.

Reelz announces an El Chapo-Sean Penn documentary special

The one-hour El Chapo & Sean Penn: Bungle in the Jungle promises “shocking details” when it airs on March 10.

Showtime orders Mating dating comedy pilot

Each season of the proposed Jason Katims comedy will focus on a different protagonist and his or her dating journey.

Erin Andrews’ dad says she’s a shell of her former self after being stalked in her hotel room

The Dancing with the Stars co-host wept in court today as her dad testified in a civil trial about the consequences of a man secretly recording her nude in her hotel room in 2009. Andrews is suing for $75 million.

#CancelColbert creator resurfaces on Syfy’s The Internet Ruined My Life

It’s been two years since Suey Park called out The Colbert Report‘s “offensive” satirical tweet about Asians. Park describes how the backlash to her #CancelColbert movement nearly ruined her life.

Oscar statuette is getting a makeover

The Academy is switching to a new manufacturer who will producer Oscar statuettes that more closely resemble the awards handed out at the first Academy Awards ceremony in 1929.

Has Larry Wilmore become too predictable?

The Nightly Show has lost more than half of Stephen Colbert’s audience, and one of the reasons why may be because viewers already know what to expect each night.

Netflix unveils the first look at Daredevil’s Elektra

Watch a brief clip of Élodie Yung in her new Netflix role.

The Goldbergs got tired of hearing the Dirty Dancing anthem

It took 17 hours for the ABC comedy to shoot the climactic scene paying homage to the 1987 film, not to mention a week of dance rehearsal.

Liv Tyler will be back for The Leftovers’ final season

Tyler says that she and much of the cast has been kept in the dark for what will happen in Season 3.

Chris Hardwick’s @midnight will broadcast an entire episode live on Periscope

The Comedy Central show will utilize Twitter’s video streaming app at SXSW.

Watch Stephen Colbert sing with the Violent Femmes

The Late Show didn’t show Colbert performing the band’s legendary hit Blister in the Sun last night.

Why The Flash’s Zoom reveal was yawn-inducing

Picking a bland character as Zoom was bound to disappoint.

Children’s Hospital’s Erinn Hayes will play Kevin James’ wife

She’ll join him on his untitled family comedy about a newly retired cop who struggles with being home all the time.

See a supercut of David Schwimmer saying “Juice” on The People v. O.J. Simpson

Apparently Robert Kardashian said “Juice” a lot.

Check out the trailer for Bosch Season 2

Amazon’s crime drama returns March 11.