‘Alien News Desk’: Why You Should Tune In to Syfy’s First Late-Night Animated Series

alien news desk

Here are a couple of aliens Syfy is betting viewers will welcome into their homes. On the cable channel’s first original late-night animated series, Drexx Drudlaar (voiced by Last Man on Earth‘s Will Forte, right) and Tuva Van Void (Saturday Night Live cast member Heidi Gardner) are extraterrestrial coanchors of a topical show.

They try to explain Earthlings’ strange, real-life doings to the rest of the universe. (Describing teens taking selfies with their phones, Van Void says, “Garishly dressed adolescents try to seduce inanimate box.”)

Showrunner Dennis McNicholas (like Forte, an SNL veteran) reveals why we should be over the moon for megaproducer Lorne Michaels‘s latest production.

I have time to watch one more show. Why should it be yours?

Dennis McNicholas: While ordinary Earth television offers you a kaleidoscopic array of idiots sharing poorly informed opinions on the events of the day, only Alien News Desk features idiots with a legitimate excuse for the stupid nonsense they say. They’re aliens.

Fill in the blank: If you like _____, you’ll like our show.

If you like the feeling of superiority that comes from knowing you can crush the ignorant with your understanding of Earth things, you’ll like our show.

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What’s a good alternate title for Alien News Desk?

Robot and Space Monster Explain It All. See, they abducted Clarissa and she gave up everything she knew. Not tough under interrogation, that Clarissa.

What happens if we don’t watch?

You will feel a vacancy inside, a yawning cavity where something belongs. You will do terrible things trying to fill this hole. Just watch, please.

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Who should be watching Alien News Desk?

This is a broadcast by aliens for aliens. If you’re a human who is somehow tuning in to our subspace signal, we warn you that [we] broadcast on a frequency that has been known to cause delirious laughter — followed by agonizing death — in laboratory humans.

How will the show change the face of television?

First of all, by telling it to shave that dumb hipster mustache.

Alien News Desk, Series Premiere, Wednesday, February 27, 11/10c, Syfy