‘Deadly Class’ Is in Session! Benjamin Wadsworth & Maria Gabriela de Faria Preview the Syfy Series (VIDEO)


Syfy puts another feather in its cap this evening with the series premiere of Deadly Class, their brutal and atmospheric adaptation of Rick Remenber and Wes Craig’s Image Comics graphic novel.

Like The Magicians, the network’s stellar take on Lev Grossman’s novels, Class is also set within a high-secretive school, but instead of a Hogwarts for damaged millennials with magical gifts, this one takes place at King’s Dominion, an elite prep school for assassins populated by the troubled children of killers and led by Master Lin (Doctor Strange‘s Benedict Wong). Oh, and it’s set in 1987, so the music is a life-affirming lesson in the glory of dark synth pop.

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While the drama’s stylish AF first episode dropped online at Syfy.com during the holidays, January 16 marks its TV premiere. TV Insider recently stole some time with co-stars Benjamin Wadsworth and Maria Gabriela de Faria to discuss their characters Marcus and Maria, respectively.

They also opened up about working on a project where they are asked to balance huge fight sequences with deeply emotional material, and what fans of the source material have said about it coming to the small screen. Check it out below!

Deadly Class, Series Premiere, Wednesday, January 16, 10/9c, Syfy