Ryan Eggold Teases Rest of ‘New Amsterdam’s First Season & Possible ‘Blacklist’ Return

New Amsterdam - Season 1

Ryan Eggold is currently hard at work filming the last few episodes of his new NBC series, New Amsterdam.

But the actor took some time off to bring awareness to prostate cancer by participating in the third annual Blue Jacket Fashion Show in New York City. The show is organized in the hopes of promoting conversations about early detection, prevention and treatment options.

TV Insider chatted with Eggold — who plays Dr. Max Goodwin, a medical director battling cancer while trying to run a hospital — before the show about New Amsterdam‘s second season renewal and the storylines he’s looking forward to telling.

“Everybody is really enjoying working together and it’s a great group of folks,” he said. “We’re happy that we get to keep doing it and keep developing the show — learning about what’s working and also how we can make it better. These stories are really connecting with people.”

Eggold hopes in Season 2 fans will get to learn more about the characters “in terms of who they are, where they came from, how they ended up at New Amsterdam and why they chose to work at a public hospital which means longer hours and less money.”

Pictured: (l-r) Jocko Sims as Dr. Floyd Reynolds, Ryan Eggold as Dr. Max Goodwin

The series is only 12 episodes in, so we still have a lot of time before the Season 1 finale in May. Still, we couldn’t help asking about what to expect from the first season closer.

“The finale is going to put a couple characters together that maybe haven’t been, which will be fun,” Eggold said.

“Bloom [Janet Montgomery] will have some tough decisions to make, and Max’s wife is pregnant, so that will be something we’re dealing with. And Max’s chemo, of course, will be at the center of the story. He wants to be around and be healthy so he can be a father,” the actor explained.

Although New Amsterdam is pulling in millions of viewers, fans are still pining over Eggold in his former role as Tom Keen on The Blacklist.

The character was killed off in 2017, but Eggold isn’t ruling out returning to the series in a potential flashback scene.

“Absolutely!” he said of coming back. “I think that if it made sense for the story, and there was a moment in time that needed to be revisited in order to shed light on the present or the future, then, yeah, that would be interesting.”

As for a scene he’d love to expand upon, Eggold said that, “I’d love to revisit the scene were Red hires Tom — what does Red say, and what does Tom think are the boundaries of the job? What is he taking on?”

Writers room, listen up!

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