‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’: Josh & Greg Get Ready to Fight It Out… Sort Of (VIDEO)

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend - Vincent Rodriguez III, Skylar Astin
Scott Everett White/The CW

Real life fighting is awkward!

On the February 8 episode of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, that’s what Josh Chan (Vincent Rodriguez III) and Greg Serrano (Skylar Astin) realize when they try to duke it out over their dueling feelings for Rebecca Bunch (Rachel Bloom). And let’s just say, it plays out very differently from the fights we see in movies and on the Broadway stage.

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In this exclusive clip from Friday’s episode, Josh and Greg do their best to fight in real life (with Nathaniel, played by Scott Michael Foster, watching in horror). But the song is intercut with fantasy sequences of the guys fighting in a martial arts film, sci-fi movie and even as Broadway performers.

Check out the clip here:

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