5 Reasons Why the ‘Masked Singer’s Bee Is Probably THIS Person


The Masked Singer is one of the biggest competition series on TV right now, and it has every fan asking: Who’s under the mask?

Each week, one performer unveils who he or she is under his or her elaborate costume. So far, actress Tori Spelling, Super Bowl winner Terry Bradshaw, comedians Margaret Cho and Tommy Chong, and NFL player Antonio Brown have revealed themselves after being eliminated.

Another concealed celebrity fans feel confident is participating in the Fox series? Legendary songstress Gladys Knight.

Many believe her to be the Bee, and after multiple clues on the show and her performance of the “Star Spangled Banner” at Super Bowl LIII, fans are convinced it’s her.

Here are all the clues:


“You can call me Queen Bee but Empress also suits me.” Knight is widely known as the “Empress of Soul.”


“Being a worker bee keeps me young.” Knight is still performing and sounding great at 74 years old.


She’s “looking forward to singing to a new generation” because she started her career decades ago. Knight was nominated for her first Grammy in 1967.


And Bee sounds like a seasoned, trained, professional performer, according to the judges.

Check out Bee’s performance of “Locked Out Of Heaven.”


And then compare Bee’s voice to Knight singing the National Anthem on February 3.

Sounds pretty spot on, right?

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