‘Proven Innocent’: Meet Kelsey Grammer’s Gore Bellows, a Man After Justice (VIDEO)

Proven Innocent Season 1 EP 101
Jean Whiteside/FOX

Fox’s new legal drama Proven Innocent may be a few weeks from its February 15 premiere, but we already have your exclusive first look at star Kelsey Grammer‘s character Gore Bellows.

District Attorney Bellows’ pursuit of justice may be noble in intention but isn’t always the best course of action. After wrongfully convicting Madeline Scott (Rachelle Lefevre) for murder years ago, he must constantly face Scott (now a lawyer) in the courtroom.

'Proven Innocent': Kelsey Grammer & Rachelle Lefevre on Facing Off in the New Legal DramaSee Also

'Proven Innocent': Kelsey Grammer & Rachelle Lefevre on Facing Off in the New Legal Drama

Lefevre also reveals her methods for approaching a scene with an acting vet like Grammer.

“All I ever did was try to get justice for that poor girl. Now, she’s going to haunt me to my grave,” he says at the start of the featurette, which provides some juicy insight on Bellows.

Grammer highlights Bellows’ pitfalls saying that he’s a man in pursuit of justice but that “he just has made a deal with the devil a few times.” Bellows is a bit of a double-edged sword, and characters perceive his actions very differently.

Bellows believes that Madeline was and is still guilty for the murder for which she was convicted. Meanwhile, Lefevre explains that, through her character Madeline’s eyes, she sees a man that saw an opportunity to advance his career.

So which is it? Is Gore Bellows crooked or simply off-course in his quest for justice? Check out the featurette below and decide for yourself:

Proven Innocent, Series Premiere, Friday, February 15, 9/8c, Fox