Tom Selleck Teases the ‘Blue Bloods’ Nuptials & Frank’s Romantic Future


There’s no gift like quality time with thoughtful, candid Tom Selleck of CBS’ Blue Bloods.

We checked in with the TV titan as he was about to leave for his holiday break, right after the cast handed out “lovely” windbreakers (his description) as Christmas presents for the crew. (Every year, costar Bridget Moynahan organizes the purchase, and the cast contributes.)

Before returning to his California ranch, Selleck reflected on his nine years as NYPD commissioner Frank Reagan — another in his gallery of small-screen heroes, men with a strong sense of honor and duty. The commish may have the weight of New York City on his shoulders, but the actor was in a fine mood as he discussed why his beloved drama still leads the Friday pack in total viewers (“I don’t think we have many valleys”) and what upcoming event will make even Frank crumple.

Blue Bloods is closing in on 200 episodes. What keeps it fresh for you?

Tom Selleck: First off, I think we’re still getting better at what we do. But the key is that it’s a character-driven show, and we’ve had characters grow into their roles and become more important for the audience. To them, the real jeopardy on Blue Bloods is not the momentary kind where, say, Danny’s life [Frank’s detective son, played by Donnie Wahlberg] is in peril, but that something could happen to the family relationships. And that’s always a danger — misunderstandings, disagreements, things going sideways. Sideways is good for us.

Donnie Wahlberg, Marisa Ramirez

Frank has already sparred with daughter Erin (Bridget Moynahan), a rising force in the DA’s office. What other family disagreements will worry your fans?

We just wrapped an episode [airing February 8] where Danny and Jamie [Will Estes’s NYPD sergeant and Frank’s younger son] go at it in a serious way. That results in a very tension-filled family dinner. Frank tries to stay out of it — until they break the rules of the table and aren’t civil. He finally gets into it.

There’s one relationship fans are very happy about: Jamie and fellow police officer Eddie Janko (Vanessa Ray) are making wedding plans. What can you tease about the nuptials?

I don’t know whether we’ll do a big wedding or whether they’ll get married this season, but I can guarantee Frank will get emotional. He’s delighted for Jamie.

What’s the romantic prognosis for Frank? Bebe Neuwirth is back as NYPD corporate counsel Kelly Peterson to both bedevil and flirt with him….

I love working with Bebe, but I don’t see their characters getting married. People are always saying Frank must be lonely, so when are we going to do a romantic story? It’s important he remains a man alone in overall concept because that’s part of the sacrifice he’s made. And how do you meet, fall in love and then have the relationship end in one episode?

So far, CBS doesn’t seem to have the willingness to hire somebody for an arc like I did on Friends. I just saw Courteney Cox [his love interest from the sitcom] at a restaurant — it was great. I gave her a big hug and told her I loved her.

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