Jordan Peele’s ‘Lorena’ Docuseries Reveals Different Side to the Bobbitts’ Story (VIDEO)

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Amazon Prime Video is delving into the true crime genre with its new docuseries, Lorena, from executive producer Jordan Peele.

The series recounts the infamous crime story of Lorena Bobbitt which became a cultural phenomenon. Set to premiere Friday, February 15, on Amazon Prime Video, the series will debut at the Sundance Film Festival on Tuesday, January 29.

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Directed by documentarian Joshua Rofé (Lost for Life), the series uncovers previously hidden truths about the well-known case between spouses John Wayne and Lorena Bobbitt, in which the latter cut off the former’s penis.

Providing a fresh perspective, Lorena will force viewers to see the case differently from in the past, and learn about how it sparked what we know today as the 24-hour news cycle — “increasing sensationalistic media coverage.”

For those less versed in the backstory of the ’90s case, Bobbitt cut Wayne’s — her husband at the time — penis off after he reportedly raped her. Bobbitt’s defense for her actions were apparent in multiple witnesses supporting her charge that Wayne was abusive towards her.

Rather than the case becoming an opportunity for the country to tackle domestic and sexual assault issues in America, the case became a joke for most as it made tabloid headlines. This groundbreaking series works to unearth the real story about human tragedy that surrounds the people involved.

Lorena Bobbitt and John Wayne Bobbitt today

In the newly released trailer, Lorena and John’s testimonials are featured along with pop cultural figures like Whoopi Goldberg. The show is executive produced by Peele, alongside Rosenfeld, Steven J. Berger, Joshua Rofé, Tom Lesinski, and Jenna Santoianni.

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