‘Gotham’s Final Season Has Its First Casualty — Fans React to [Spoiler’s] Death

Gotham Season 5
Spoiler Alert

[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for the Season 5 Premiere Episode of Gotham, “Legend of the Dark Knight: Year Zero.”]

Fox’s Gotham is kicking their final season off with a bang as the premiere episode both wowed and shocked.

We picked up in Season 5 where Season 4’s destruction left off, with bridges and other structures meeting their ends in fiery explosions. As the craziness ensued in Gotham City, there was an all-out battle over supplies held within a helicopter, which winded up being shot down in one of the series’ biggest action sequences.

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More madness goes down in the first few episodes than most show's pack into a season. And is that who we think it is on roller skates?!

It was during this time that Oswald (Robin Lord Taylor) and Tabitha (Jessica Lucas) came face-to-face — or rather weapon-to-weapon — and one of them did not leave the episode alive. It all began when, in the middle of a standoff with James Gordon (Ben McKenzie) and the Gotham City Police, some of Oswald’s henchmen had their throats slashed by Tabitha on her way to her target.

When she finally reached him, Tabitha took a similar stance over Oswald, as if she’d cut his throat. At that moment, Oswald acknowledged his role in the death of Tabitha’s love, Butch (Drew Powell). She questioned Oswald, saying that she thought he was Butch’s friend, and he then admitted it was all about revenge because Tabitha killed his mother.

“You really think I expected to come here and walk away?” Tabitha asked Oswald, making her intentions to kill him clear. Unfortunately, she wasn’t successful as the gun she pointed at his chest misfired leaving her defenseless from Oswald’s knife. He then stabbed Tabitha and told her to say hello to Butch as she collapsed and died.

This loss certainly caught fans off-guard, as many of them reacted to the death online. Some were saddened by the loss.

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Ben McKenzie, David Mazouz, and more of the cast and crew bid farewell from set.

While others were either not surprised or unfazed by the turn of events.

And there are other fans who shipped Tabitha with Barbara (Erin Richards) who were utterly devastated.

So what did you think of the Season 5 premiere death? Let us know in the comments below.