George H.W. Bush Funeral: 5 Emotional, Tense & Lighthearted Moments (VIDEO)

State Funeral Held For George H.W. Bush At The Washington National Cathedral
Alex Wong/Getty Images

The country is saying goodbye to President George H.W. Bush on Wednesday with his funeral at the National Cathedral in Washington. D.C.

The former commander in chief passed last week at the age of 94 from complications relating to Vascular Parkinsonism.

Friends, family, former Presidents, and world leaders alike all arrived to honor Number 41 and pay their respects as an American flag was draped over his casket. Bush will be flown back to Texas later this week and laid to rest at his Presidential Library and Museum in College Station, Texas near wife Barbara and daughter Robin.

During today’s services, which were televised, Bush’s son, former President George W. Bush, gave an emotional eulogy and shared a sweet moment with former First Lady Michelle Obama. Also, viewers witnessed a tense moment captured between the Clintons and President Donald Trump.

Here are five not-to-be-missed moments:

1) The Trumps and Obamas Shake Hands

Meanwhile, former President Clinton looked on and former Secretary of State and First Lady Hillary Clinton kept her focus locked ahead.

2) W’s Heartbreaking Eulogy

3) W Hands Michelle a Candy

The gesture has become America’s inside joke ever since Bush did the same at Senator John McCain’s funeral, which Obama spoke about it on her book tour.

4) H.W. and Barbara’s Relationship Remembered

They were married for 73 years and he called her a “silver fox” and the “enforcer.” She passed in April at the age of 92.

5) H.W.’s Reaction to Presidential Biographer Jon Meacham’s Eulogy Before He Passed

In true humility, he said, “That’s a lot about me, Jon.”