‘This Is Us’ Thanksgiving: 3 Biggest Reveals From Tess, Jack & Miguel

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Spoiler Alert

This Is Us‘ latest episode “Six Thanksgivings” offered viewers an inside look at six separate holiday moments in the Pearson family’s lives, including Jack’s (Milo Ventimiglia) time in Vietnam and William’s (Ron Cephas Jones) early relationship with Jesse (Denis O’Hare).

Among the most pivotal moments were those that included Jack, Miguel (Jon Huertas) and Tess (Eris Baker), who all had big reveals in the episode.

Below we look at those revelations, how they may be important moving forward, and what they change about we thought we knew about the Pearsons.

Tess’ Big Secret

In a surprising twist of events, Tess confided in Kate (Chrissy Metz) that she’s romantically interested in girls in a sweet moment between aunt and niece. And now, considering Tess’ role in the future timeline, we’re wondering if the “her” mystery involves someone we don’t know yet?

Perhaps in the future “her” could be someone special in Tess’ life? It’s a little soon to say for sure.

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Jack’s Necklace Gift

Ever since fans learned that Jack’s necklace came from a woman named Hien (Porter Duong) in the Vietnam Ville where he’s stationed, speculation about their relationship has been rampant. Finally, viewers were shown how the gift came into his possession.

After Jack helps Hien’s son with his infected foot and brings turkey to their hut, she offers her necklace as a thanks. Those who believed Jack’s necklace was a sign of a past romantic love were surprised to learn it was nothing more than a symbol of kindness.

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So unless Jack and Hien had a special relationship outside of this moment, it’s unlikely that they ended up together at some point. The revelation definitely forces us to question what will happen that impacts Jack enough to wear the necklace for the rest of his life. Hopefully answers are on the horizon.

Meet Miguel’s Kids

When we were first introduced to Miguel in Season 1, we were made aware that he had children with his first wife. But it’s taken until Episode 8 of Season 3 for us to finally meet them. In an uncharacteristic move, Miguel and Rebecca (Mandy Moore) attend Thanksgiving with his children, Andy and Amber, along with their spouses. The meal is awkward, to say the least, with Miguel’s son calling out Rebecca and Miguel’s marriage for being damaging to their relationship.

Unlike the Pearsons, who have finally (mostly) accepted Miguel, Andy and Amber have yet to open up to Rebecca. Miguel’s relationship with his kids is strained, but it was strained before his marriage with Rebecca, so their anger is likely stemming from prior events. Refusing to take Andy’s rudeness for what it is, Miguel defends Rebecca, explaining that it’s his fault that things are difficult between them. Admitting he essentially gave up on his children, Miguel makes slight progress with his family, but there’s a lot more to work through ahead.

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