Roush Review: 'Nightflyers' Is a Grisly Hybrid of Science Fiction and Horror

Matt Roush
Review Jonathan Hession/Syfy

Gretchen Mol in SyFy's Nightflyers.

In space, can anyone hear you go, "Huh?"

Based on a novella by Game of Thrones author George R.R. Martin, Nightflyers is a grisly hybrid of science fiction and horror, capable of claustrophobic chills but more often merely evoking chaotic confusion.

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It opens with shocking carnage aboard the space vessel Nightflyer, on a mission to make contact with alien life. Soon, it’s clear we can’t always believe our eyes.

Which could be the doing of a mischievous empath (Sam Strike), although the ship psychiatrist (Gretchen Mol) denies it. Or is the Nightflyer’s all-seeing computer to blame for the deadly mishaps?

When you learn what (or who) is behind the mayhem, you may scream — with unintended laughter.

Nightflyers, Series Premiere, Sunday, December 2 – Thursday, December 6, 10/9c, Syfy

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