‘The Last Ship’ Series Finale: A ‘Brutal Fight to End the War’ (VIDEO)

Season 5

TNT’s Naval action adventure series The Last Ship finishes out its five-year tour of duty on Sunday, November 11, with U.S. forces ready to invade Gran Colombia.

“They were going to invade Panama, but there were too many forces aligned there,” series creator Steven Kane tells TV Insider ahead of the series finale. “So they decided to go for the kill and take out the king.”

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Final Season of 'The Last Ship' Finds the 'Nathan James' Fighting Like It's 1942 (VIDEO)

'It's the biggest season we've done; it is like a blockbuster movie every week,' promises EP Steven Kane.

The invasion is the final battle in the season-long war between the United States and a messianic Columbian known as Tavo (Maurice Compte), who had dreams of uniting South and Central America to conquer the U.S. and take down the man he blames for his country’s woes: Naval Commander Tom Chandler (Eric Dane).

“Episode 10 is all about the invasion; it’s D-Day,” says Kane. “The season began with Pearl Harbor — the attack on Mayport (where the remaining ships of a decimated U.S. navy were harbored) — and ends with D-Day. We can expect a brutal fight to end the war.” And, of course, the series.

Check out a sneak peek at the episode below, and return to TV Insider for a post-mortem chat with Steven Kane after the finale.

The Last Ship, Series Finale, Sunday, November 11, 9/8c, TNT