‘Queen Sugar’ Finale Sneak Peek: Ralph Angel Bares His Soul to Prison Inmates (VIDEO)

Queen Sugar - Kofi Siriboe

Ralph Angel (Kofi Siriboe) has had a rough few months on OWN’s Queen Sugar.

First, he went through a painful break-up with Darla (Bianca Lawson). Then, he found out he wasn’t the biological father to Blue (Ethan Hutchison). And as if those hardships weren’t enough, custody drama brewed between Ralph Angel and Darla over the young boy they both love so much.

As the 90-minute third season finale arrives on Wednesday, Ralph Angel, who has done his share of time in the big house, finds himself back in prison. This time, he’s talking to inmates about how to survive on the outside and to keep your life and the straight and narrow, despite temptations and other nefarious obstacles.

In the below exclusive clip, courtesy of Warner Horizon Scripted Television, check out what Ralph Angel has to say to the inmates and, knowing everything he’s been through this season, try not to get emotional along with him. The man is just trying to do his best, isn’t he?

Queen Sugar, Season 3 Finale, Wednesday, August 22, 10/9c, OWN