You’re Invited to the ‘Alaskan Bush People’ Season Premiere GIF Party!


Welcome, lovers of hating Alaskan Bush People! The Season 8ish premiere has arrived. How the hell did we let this happen?

I will again try to make the best of a bad show by recapping Season 8ish episodes as I have done for Channel Guide Magazine and TV Insider since Season 1, Episode 1.

I regret that I won’t be joining in the fun of bashing the season premiere with everyone live on Sunday. I will be deep within the untamed wilderness of Northeast Wisconsin, far from modern civilization, where I may go six months three days without seeing an outsider. In this wild frontier unspoiled by the trappings of modern society, I will develop my own language, my own accent, my own customs and my own methods of surviving off the grid in the harsh Wisconsin Bush that will change the future of my family forever.

Look for my recap to come later this week. Until then, enjoy some of the finest animated GIFs that ABP has to offer. We have GIFs for every occasion, and they are sure to delight and entertain you as much as they will drive your web browser to a screeching halt.

To express unfathomable AWESOMENESS and EXXXXTREMENESS:

To express displeasure with bovines or an annoying person:

For when you’d like to punch something and there are no fish around:

To express awkwardness or absurdity, here’s a trilogy of Noah’s Bush Tai Chi:

To express irritation:

The All-Purpose Eye Roll:

SMH With Dismissive Gesture:

To express disbelief, confusion or hallucinations of insects:

For when you need to feign ignorance:

To greet someone in a condescending manner:

Still the best three seconds of the whole series:

Pretty much says it all: